Tuesday Taste – The Art of Sharing

Sharing is on my mind a lot these days …

Gracie, please share ONE of the THREE sippy cups you are guarding with your life.

Harper, please share the odd piece of fur that you have just stolen from your sister, she is now crying.

Quinn, thank you for sharing your half eaten, soft from being chewed waffle bite and avoiding your meal again- can I share with you now?


So with sharing on the mind and Tuesday in full swing – here are three great foodie websites I would like to share with you.  I have included a link to the website, a brief description of what you will find within each blog as well as a little personal opinion on why I think the author and her content are worth sharing. 

(And I probably don’t need to keep telling you – but I have NO affiliation with these sites other than I simply like them and like to share…hoping my kids will learn by example.)

The Pioneer Woman

Ree, the author of this website, as well as two tasty cookbooks and host of a Food Network show, is a really cool chic that talks about and celebrates her transformation from sushi eating, heel wearing business girl to the wife of a cowboy and a mother of four living on a working cattle ranch. She shares stories from the simple life next to simple recipes you will recognize, with twists worth trying – like cilantro slaw on BBQ chicken or grilled corn in guacamole. She also has a 2nd page called Tasty Kitchen that has tons of great ideas from “kitchens everywhere.” I love her celebration of a life slowed down!


I’ve never met Katie, the author of this blog, but I feel like I know her because she is a down to earth mom that has worked hard to organize her interests and family recipes into one spot – her website! She talks about travel with her family, reviews great books and offers specific advice for moms like tips for your little picky eaters. Her website is friendly and a good “go-to” for holiday or family recipes. Her food photography makes me want to try all of her concoctions and her visual recipe index makes picking out new dishes way more accessible than a simple list of recipe archives. My favorite thing on this website is the ingredient index that allows you to find recipes based on what you have in your fridge or a new ingredient you are wishing to try!

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef 

Ok, I won’t keep your interest long enough to SHARE with you how much I love this gluten free girl, turned dream follower, Shauna and her chef, turned love story prince protagonist, Danny – but can I try? First off, I am not on a gluten free diet, but have two close friends that have had found serenity in body and mind by discovering all they needed was to say “no thank you” to gluten. Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease affect so many people, so you may find solace in Shauna’s story if you suspect you have dietary issues, or you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with the disease. Some argue none of us NEED or benefit from gluten…but I won’t go there. Not now, not like this. Shauna inspires and entertains as she discusses her love for the trinity of food, life and culture. She is right there with Kermit THE Frog: Finding that “Rainbow Connection” with “the lovers, the dreamers and me…,” and beams as she shares her life story and recipes with us. In addition to her blog, her romance with food and life are found in the pages of her two published cookbooks. She is an example to all of us dreamers that desire to follow our gut (quite literally), exhaust our quest for the rainbows as well as breathe in the sweet life … quite possibly by taking her lead and strolling the streets of Italy…gelato in hand (amen). A girl after my own heart…gluten free or not. Did I mention she and her family in TUSCANY right now…soaking up the lemons and life as the Tuscans know it??? Oh my, oh my. You can follow her trip & beautiful images at her twitter handle @glutenfreegirl.

If you find a recipe or idea that inspires you beyond chicken nuggets and Cheerios – please share in comments below or post a link to my facebook page .

Thanks for reading and sharing with your hungry circle of friends and family.

Be nourished!


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