Oh ya…About THEM

I woke up in the middle of the night realizing I had left out the most important part of my speed dating commercial yesterday.

My baggage.

Only, I really love my baggage. It’s like having the whole set of Louis Vuitton luggage – it may get heavy and frustrating to carry – but you really adore it and are just so proud you wouldn’t trade it for anything else. (I don’t know – is that how you feel if you have LV luggage?? Mine is green. It’s from Macy’s.)

So here it is.


The people I live with; my real teachers on life and love.

My babIES’ Daddy. My favorite person. He just really loves me and I think it’s nice he does. He never laughs at my dreams, unless I am laughing…then we laugh together. He works hard for us and never acts too mental, he leaves that to me. I love him for a million + 1 reasons. My hubby: Scott Allen

My baby boy. My 1st born. My golden rule follower that can’t help but be a boy and beat and shake and laugh at destruction. Gives kisses and giggles on demand.  Has mostly dirty and always chubby, dimpled hands. He sleeps with his giraffes – all three of them. And loves his milk and his mama – dreamy when served together. My son: Quinn Scott

My Monkey Mae. My 1st born baby girl. She came out kicking and screaming – all 4 lbs of her.  She has spent her whole 17 months proving she may be small, but she is mighty. She is confident, fast and loves to climb. She gives the bestest, wettest kisses this side of the Mississippi and loves to cuddle. She lets you hold her like a baby doll. She would go home with a stranger, but prefers us to them. My daughter: Harper Jo

My G Girl. My baby, baby girl. She is a girly girl that walks to her own beat – literally. If music is on, she has one finger in the air, a sideways smile and a shake to her bummies. Her eyelashes go on for miles, her curls are electric and her cheeks scream to be kissed. She is happy cuddled up like a koala with nowhere else to be…except maybe a visit to her two favorite friends, Elmo or Gymbo. My daughter: Gracie Jean.

Yep. They are triplets. But we try to call them Quinn, Harper and Gracie.

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