Blogher’12 Planning! Part I – The Romance & The Doom

The few days after you book a big trip, say to Europe, are the best. They are full of romance and lust, modeled after that Conde Nast magazine stash you’ve been hiding. The basil laced strands of velvety pasta, the rolling hills and the deep goblets of deep red wine. It’s all so exotic. And free. No planning or logistics to dim that twinkle in your eye.

Then suddenly the romance wears off during the climb to departure day. Suddenly, you are plagued by the background noise of You piddle and obsess over the accommodations you have picked. You google and search blogs to find out the best way to blend into the culture by dressing European chic, without appearing to be American flashy. The panic of not picking the best, I mean BEST pizza place in Rome sets in during the wee hours of the morning. The Merrells for comfort or the Tory Burch for style? Oh dear God, can we even afford this?

If you have ever planned a big trip that gave you butterflies upon booking, but then slipped into an overwhelming sense of fear while planning and perfecting, then you can understand how I am feeling about booking and planning my first big girl blogging conference.

Blogher’12 in New York City, August 2-4. 

Oh, the thoughts that have been going through my head. If the logistics of blogging and writing bore you, just go ahead and skip these posts on my journey leading up to NYC, three weeks from TODAY! These posts are meant to chronicle my road to Blogher ’12 for those that are interested and for me to learn from my own journey. AND, to tell someone other than my confused husband that, similar to how I cry really hard when I’m happy AND sad sometimes, that I could pee my pants because I’m so excited AND so scared … for Blogher’12.

So, yeah. Overwhelmed is an understatement when you are a flat out newbie, trying to show up and be all that you can be at a pretty big girl panty conference.


And for me, with my monkey brain and tendency to obsess over things like matching bows to plates at my kid’s birthday parties, it is best I set up boundaries. I have to work to stay in touch with the things that matter, AKA, my priorities. Take some of the pressure off and …. oh ya, just breathe mama. That’s why I named this blog thing that name. That sounds like a great start to my “elevator speech“.

Ahhh. That feels better. Over the next THREE days –  I will be laying out my TOP THREE personal goals & reasons for WHY I am attending Blogher’12 (as a newbie, remember.) And then a weekly update leading up to my departure, three weeks from today – Wednesday August 1st!

Again, just skip over if it bores you. Or maybe, it will spark an interest for you to do something crazy like I am?


To push myself. Enjoy myself. Accept myself. And to show up with a smile, open mind and heart. (Beyond all my impending doom)

Some of my impending doom, leading up to Blogher’12 has stemmed from the following:

-Signing up for and INVESTING in a conference that will host amazing women (and some men!) bloggers from all over the world. Meaning I can’t just show up in my yoga pants and take a breather. My own blog, my own money, my own time = scary. Investing in yourself and “working” for yourself…isn’t that like working for a crazy person?

- Figuring out where to be, who to see, what to do. What is a geekbar? Just where are all these sponsor booths? Martha Stewart and Katie Couric as keynote speakers – yes please?! Color coded calendars for a conference  - hmmm…. my eyes are crossed.

- Finding myself “overwhelmed” by finding the right outfit, shoes and party agenda. (Really, is this a problem? I’m shaking my own head, at my own self.)

- Spending enough time researching brands and big name sponsors and celeb bloggers that plan to attend. And then “tweeting” with them. (Do celeb bloggers travel w/ the paparazzi?)

- Keeping up with the hash-tag tweet-athons. Wow.

-Saying out loud and to everyone and no one, I’m doing this. Gasp, commitment! Nothing like those “disposable” sales jobs in the past. Blogging, working hard for (no) money and living on a dream and, oh by the way, leaving my kids for 5 days and investing over $2000 isn’t something I am taking lightly. What am I? A mompreneur? A writer? A confused mother of three that secretly wanted a vacation but may quit her blog after she gets home anyways? Am I a crazy person ? Hmmm…most closely defined as that last one.

- I know ZERO people going. ZERO, as in no one. Actually, come to think of it, I’ve only talked to my roommate once, I BARELY know the woman I am sharing a room with. This is so sorority rush all over again.

- And finally, does this mean, after 19 months of raising triplets…I’m going back to work? Going to NYC for a conference may just not be “writing during nap-time” anymore…

What am I doing?

Well, I guess I am going. Impending doom and all. I am going because by going I am

“taking the first single step of a thousand mile journey.” (Lau-tzu)

And for today, that is enough. 22 days and counting. Blogher’12/NYC or Bust.

See you tomorrow for yet another reason this conference must be a good idea. 



  1. This is so awesome, I feel the exact same way you do! I am going in blind here, praying that I will even SEE my favorite bloggy friends and praying that I will be super open and friendly :) I think this IS an investment in ourselves, my mom asked me yesterday, WHAT is all of this about? I couldn’t explain, but I told her it is something I need to do. Hope to see you there!


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