Blogher’12 Planning Part II – The Logistics

So, much less “romantic” than yesterday’s confessional, are my top, I guess you could say, “logistical” goals.

So, reason #2 I am attending Blogher’12:

To learn all I can about blogging and writing, while making awesome connections with other bloggers.  

Here are the TOP TEN things I hope to get out of Blogher’12 (in no way is this exhaustive.) The list that I plan to carry with me, just so I remember, as a newbie being pulled in a million directions, like a kid in a candy store, why I’m here.

10) To attend and learn more about my Big Hairy Audacious Goal of creating a book pitch out of my blog. This has been my goal from the start. Show up, listen and ask questions and learn from some great blog to book authors (Kathy Cano-Murillo and Stefanie Wilder-Taylor) at Pathfinder Day on Thursday before the conference starts. This, hopefully, sets my tone for the whole weekend.

9) And then remember #10 the whole weekend. Ask myself, “What is my niche identity?” and try to keep that in check.

8) Geek it out. Learn how in the world to navigate WordPress! I know so little. It’s amazing I even managed to publish this blog post.

7) Learn how to utilize Twitter, Facebook, Google + and probably other things I don’t even know about. In a nutshell – what are “best practices” for social media & personal branding while keeping in the loop, without sacrificing your soul over to the social media Gods that be.

7) Vlogging. Period. All ears, know pretty much nothing, scares me pretty much completely.

6) Learn how to drive comments and create an interactive community.

5) Traffic – how to gain more audience specific traffic, how to engage and keep followers and how to analyze and act on google analytics information

4) Photography. Slowly creeping in as a love and hope to learn more about integrating into my blog. Specifically, a good “starter” camera, basic editing skills and best practices for uploading and sharing on blog.

3) Blog networking and best practices for organizing interaction with other bloggers

2) Personal Organization/ Daily,Weekly,Monthly Calendar and goal setting for blog — setting The Plan (also known as an action plan, post conference)

1) The #1 reason I am going is to CONNECT. To see and talk and probably hug other woman (and I don’t forget, some men) that are in this boat – whether they started rowing years ago or days ago. Part of my blog mission statement is to connect…and in true form, I can’t wait to see what those connections bring to the table … I’m sure things I could never dream up or put on at top 10 list. This, to me, is the truest art of learning…connecting to others.

See you tomorrow for my final reason… Hint, it may have to do with some good old fashioned “me time.”




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