Blogher’12 Planning – Part III

Reason #1 for attending Blogher’12 :

For Me.

Gosh, it feels selfish even saying that.

Pretty simply put, I feel guilty, sick to my stomach and nervous to leave my babies & husband after what feels like a very long and short 19 months. But then I remember the two years of being consumed by just wanting a baby, leading up to the pregnancy. And then I think about the 36 weeks of pregnancy and my daily devotion of getting them here healthy and kicking. And oh yea, the eight weeks of bed-rest. And the gray hairs. The sleepless nights. The yoga pants that I never seem to get out of. The teeth that sometimes get brushed. The ponytail that always gets picked. The boob sweat that happens with just a simple trip to Costco. The tears that stay inside because I’m too busy to cry them. The girls nights out that are half-ish relaxing because “I’m back on the clock in 8 hours and counting.” The distracted date nights with my husband. The yoga classes of planning a grocery list during shavasana.

And for all the days and nights I’ve spent loving those babies, I think I can go love on myself for a few days.

And I think it’s completely acceptable to wear new cute shoes, have a glass of wine and laugh with other girls I haven’t even met yet … while loving on myself.

So with that, me, myself and I – (and those, again, are the only three people I know going) are ready!

P.S. Ready is a lie. I’m not ready.


  1. You went 36 weeks with those munchkins? Holy crap that’s awesome!! I hope you’ll enjoy your trip completely guilt free. Because you can’t fill cups with love if your own is empty. Live it up! Then update later! I’m looking forward to hearing about it. Maybe I will plan on going next year and join you for the party!

  2. Well now you might know four people going, I live in New York and may be going to the Pathfinder day…at the very least I could use some “me” time, too ;) Don’t worry about being ready, like most things in life, we seldom are but we get through! Amy Denby

  3. I emailed you earlier from my BlogHer account. Check your spam folder!

  4. Yes for ME time! Well I’m going and it’s my first time and I have spent the last hour reading your blog (loooooove) when I should really be waking my babies up to start our day but this is my ME time!! Email me I would love to meet!!


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