The Blazer & the NEW GIRL at Blogher’12

My first job out of college was in the communications department at the Indianapolis NPR/PBS affiliate. I was fresh out of college and showed up ready to use my bachelor of arts degree in the worst way. I had my very 1st apartment. I had a blazer from Forever 21. I was ready to take on the world.

The first few days I felt energetic, nervous, and yet confident that I had found “my home.” I loved listening to Diane Rehm cackle in the background while I nervously sharpened my pencils and rearranged staples and paper clips, waiting for real solid tasks to do as a “communications assistant.”

And then I started to notice it. The lingo. The eyes rolling at so and so. The lunch breaks that were taken at 11:12 so he or she wouldn’t be able to come. Sending emails with E.O.M. and talk of B-roll and private meetings that I was never invited to.

And it hit me… I knew nothing. These people were like seasoned vets – equip with villages, lingo and ammunition. My college degree had failed me. I showed up in hot shoes, a green lined blazer (that I still own to this day, thank you very much) and a Starbucks extra hot chai latte in hand thinking and believing I knew all I needed to know. I really believed I had arrived.

And to quote Indigo Girls… “That was just the beginning… of the rest of my life.”

I look back on 22 year old, Mazda 626 driving, coffee fetching girl and want to say “aweeee.” I love her. I love her vulnerability. I love that she knew nothing. I love that she had fresh energy, a genuine smile and lack of bad habits which allowed her to pave a road that has led her to … here.

Blogher’12 is sort of like my first “big girl thing” with this whole blogging, writing, social media world. And although it is easy to get caught up on what I’m wearing, what session I am attending or what party I am invited to (a whopping zero) – I have to remember, that my innocence, energy, excitement and lack of bad habits will serve me. I may save someone next to me. They may save me. We may all save the whales…who knows?

But what I do know is that sometimes I am a HORRIBLE speller. I never look at my google analytics. I really like to write. I have no idea what my goals are. And I only half way get what SEO is. And I am attending my first “Tweet Party” tonight…and I don’t know how the hell you party on Twitter. (Seriously, clueless.)

But, in spite of all my newness, I know if I just keep showing up to this blog, it will start to make more sense. The road will be paved. Because eventually…if you keep showing up, you are no longer the new girl.

And sometimes when you are the old girl…you just miss being the new girl.

So, cheers to leaving on a jet plane in 2 weeks. I am the new girl. I hope they like my blazer.



  1. Is that the jacket? If so, we will keep our eyes pealed for your cute yellow jacket! We’re newbies this year too. :) – Jamie

    • I wish I was wearing that…I sort of love the mustard :) No, I am actually finding myself in a lot of black and white…I will blend in, it seems. I’ve followed some of your posts as well – I will be on the lookout for you guys!

  2. Love this, Kristin! What a terrific way to look at your (and my) first BlogHer conference. More power to the energy, naiveté, and brave freshness of the new girls! Hope to meet you soon!

  3. Awwww I love that naive girl! I was that naive girl too! It was during internship during college… but wow! How similar! Mine was in the newsroom of the PBS station on campus!

    Welcome to blogging! I actually pay little attention to the stats of my personal blog – I need to for my network, etc… but that’s enough for me. Enjoying it is the most important element.

    • Thanks, Tiffany!

      I agree…my intent is to only blog as long as I enjoy it…and hope my other goals fall in line :)

      Wow – how funny! PBS/NPR is a great place to start – I miss those days now!

  4. Well, now I have the Diane Rehm intro song stuck in my head. Thanks. Love your blazer wearing starts! I do not have a facebook page for my blog. There are so many things I’m missing the boat on. But it’s now on the list…


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