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The funny thing about RISK is that when you decide to actually go for it – it isn’t all flowers and cupcakes and smoothly paved streets. The journey to the reward is often marked with fear and pain – the kind that can stop you in your tracks and steal you of your joy, if you aren’t careful. 

Most of us understand that the only way to be truly rewarded, is to find and tackle these little BIG things called


The decision to let yourself fall in love.

The decision to have a baby.

The decision to be a stay at home mom.

The decision to be a go back to work mom.

The decision to let go and just be who you are.

Currently, for me, the decision to attend A REALLY BIG, SCARY BLOGGING CONFERENCE – Blogher’12. 

So, as risk has been dancing around in my head these past few weeks, I thought the July Mama Tree guest post should discuss just this topic:


I scanned friends in my mind…thinking, who could talk about risk and share it in a way that would be beautiful and honest? And above all, would help us all dive into that cold pool of risk a little more freely?

And my answer came clearly one night as we shared dessert across a table of friends. This woman has changed SO much since I first met her seven years ago. The kind of internal transformations that scream to others on the outside…and her changes…all for the good. I really think she is like one of those women on the Dove commercials that gets a little more lovely with every year that blesses her. She flows around a room and is always smiling. She is a mommy and wife that loves her boys, her 2 sons and her hubby, with a fierce heart and shows the same family affection to all of her village. She is a yoga instructor that gifts others with her gentle nature and smiling heart. If you are new to yoga or have always wanted to try yoga and live in Indianapolis, I really think you should contact her…take a risk – it will end in a reward. (Contact information at bottom of page.)

Meet my friend Amy Mayer.

From Fear to Freedom Through Yoga

When my dear friend Kristin asked me to contribute to her blog, I was honored to be a part of something so special.  She asked me to share a little story about how taking a risk in my life has offered rewards.  I knew immediately what I wanted to write about and I am so happy to be sharing it here.  I hope this message encourages you to take a risk, to get out of your comfort zone, to shake off the dust and to let your passion light your path. 

As long as I can remember, fear has been my constant companion.  Growing up ricocheting between foster homes, making unhealthy choices for my body, and doing whatever it took to appear normal amidst the chaos was my gig. Lonely and afraid, with no sense of purpose or direction, my fears controlled my life. I lived in constant survival mode, on welfare, without parents, too many messy friendships to count, and an intense fear of the future.  I was emotionally empty and socially stunted, starving for love and encouragement. I was horrified at the idea of actually reaching out and asking for help.  Instead, I crucified my soul between self-loathing and people pleasing. 
Fear was the fuel that sent my world racing into a darkness so deep, I decided I had no better option than to buckle up and try to hold on for a miserable and meaningless ride. Unfortunately, fear was all I knew… and it was about to swallow me whole…that is, until yoga and I discovered each another.  
When I met yoga, I was barely existing in my personal hell hole, suffocating with fear and anxiety.  I dwelled in spaces so depressing, I thought I would never feel freedom.  However, I was a rockstar at masking my insecurities. In class, I could lift my leg the highest and hold my headstand the longest..  I always arrived with my best friend, fear, on my shoulder with intentions of being the strongest, most flexible student in the room. Until one day, yoga gave me a lot more than I was seeking.  I had been attending classes for a few years, and after showing up to show off for way too long, yoga broke my soul wide open.  During one particular class, something in my body felt numb and different.  Then, I took one of the biggest risks of my life. I gave myself permission to feel my feelings and to let go.  To really truly fully try to let go…to be vulnerable and completely open and honest and free. As I melted into the stillness of savasana, allowing my thoughts to come and go without judgement, I felt my fear begin to soften. This was the beginning of a powerful and healing transformation.   
I passionately continued to meet myself on the mat as my new spirit emerged.  My yoga performances became my yoga practices and I left my insecurities in a puddle of sweat on the floor. I wiggled and I wobbled my way through postures with a brand new sense of self, forgetting what I thought I knew, while teaching my brain and my body to let go, and to accept unconditionally, what is.  
Yoga allowed me the opportunity to view life through a completely different lens…all because I took a chance.  I took a risk and yoga answered, helping me peel away the layers of my complex past and discover the connection to my truth. In my opinion, yoga saved me.  My sweet yoga had been trying to work its magic in my life for quite some time. I am so thankful I finally let it…
Through letting go and taking a risk I discovered my passion and personal freedom.  I restored my truth, and I ignited my internal fire. I encourage you to explore too, and to take inventory of what might be holding you back from your greatest potential.. Take that risk!  Peel back the layers. Get a little, or a lot, uncomfortable,  and let your passion light your path. It is life-changing.   


Amy Mayer
Yoga Rock, LLC


  1. Wow-powerful emotions are stirred as I read this.. Thanks for baring your soul to us and loving and trusting yourself enough to do so. Love you Amy Mayer and Kristin Hackman…


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