Blogher’12 Conference – Part 1: The Takeaways

It’s been over a month since you and your dear college friend have talked. You see her ringing in on your caller i.d., but you “ignore” because you are about to make dinner and you just know that it will be one of those conversations. So much to catch up on, laugh about and be serious about.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing to you. A full week has passed since my time in NYC at Blogher’12 and I am just now able to sort of digest the whirlwind and write about it. AND… not to mention…my buddy Mac decided he was done after the weekend. Upon arriving home from my trip, I opened my shiny silver companion, only to find a paralyzed blue screen. “Uhhhh-oooooh” my kids would say. And after he got fixed, a huge storm came in and wiped out our internet.


I like to call it paying attention to divine intervention. And you know, it felt good to put my feet up and read an actual magazine after bedtime instead of stalking the Blogher hashtag or feverishly writing my heart and guts out, trying to make sense of the chaos.

I had started to write this REALLY long post of what I learned, how I would do it in the future and what I loved or loathed. And then I realized I had so much more to say. Yes, I learned A LOT and I met some beyond lovely real life people that live outside of their avatar pictures online. And I got connected into a community of hard working and ambitious women (and some men) bloggers. If you have ever placed blogging in the hobby bracket next to knitting sweaters or volunteering at the zoo, this conference would prove you wrong.

The real truth is that this weekend was like one big spiritual retreat for me. Honestly, not to offend those that L.O.V.E. the sparkly parties, big name speakers and way cool swag (did I mention they were giving away everything from Bibles to vibrators…yes, all kinds make up the blog-o-sphere), but for me, it was so much more.  It was a lot of looking inside my “why” and my “what.” And some of that learning came during a breakout session on “vlogging” (get ready for videos,friends!)  While other parts came while talking to a new bloggy friend in the bathroom over how funny it was that hemorrhoid cream was laid out for us (true story.) And better yet, some of my big AHA! (you’re my girl, O!) moments came while strolling Central Park alone and ending up in Little Italy with just myself, my journal and a glass of Moretti (and a big hunk of dough and cheese and basil.)

At the heart of all of this, I was able to realize I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. And the rest will come. G&R said it best, sometimes we don’t need to know all the answers …”all we need is just a little patience.”

So, with all my new and exciting ideas – I will keep moving forward – changing and growing. But with one goal in mind … to keep writing to heal and connect – for you, for me and for us. I am certain the wires didn’t get crossed between God and me on this one.  That’s it. That is the backbone of my first blog and the heart and home of this blog.

Heal and connect.

Which is where connect, nourish and accept were born and will continue to flourish…

Just not sure what that flourish entails…today. And that’s OK. I hope.

I chose to share a lot about my dreams, vision and ideas in NYC. And when you choose to share these things with others – you better be prepared. Be prepared for compliments and attention that will make you sail from room to room. And be suited up to accept advice and constructive direction that will make you feel small and soaked in hot tears.

Both happened to me over the course of my 4 days in NYC.

And both have made me stand a little taller, think a little smarter, be a little braver and breathe a little lighter.

I have a post that I will share this weekend going more into the the logistics, learning, and details of the weekend for you curious bloggers.  (Blogher’13 is in Chicago, IL – yeah Midwest!!!)

Here is a taste of the weekend … and a snapshot of my coming home reunion. So sweet, it was.





  1. I love it! This is a great summary of the overwhelming and euphoric nature of BlogHer!

  2. I am glad God intervened and made you just breathe and take it all in after being gone.. I am sure your mind was on overdrive and you had so much to Absorb! You are right on in sticking with those initial reasons you started your blog:). We are blessed to have your over active mind and brilliantly stated thoughts for the nourishment of our minds and souls:). Love you

  3. I didn’t get out as much as I would have had I not lived in NY for 11 years (and it was so hot), but it’s true that those down times are what makes it all great.

    • I’m sure it was a crazy ride of emotions being back in your “other” city. Hope your return/reunion home has been wonderful!! Glad to know your sweet face when I read your sweet words now!

  4. New York is therapy for me in that I’m forever finding a small corner of my mind worthy of investigating in the most unexpected of places. I’m glad you got away from the sparkle and vibrators for a bit to have some alone time with the city. Those times are my favorite!

    • It was nice to be alone and not really be alone — NYC is not lacking energy!! I need to come back and explore more!! I’ll get the best secret places form you when I return :)


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