Do Not Give Up

So it’s been awhile. I somehow turned into one of those bloggers that goes missing for weeks on end. Thankfully, I am not missing – just barely swimming. Instead of regular blog posts, I have been trying to keep mouths fed, faces somewhat free of snot and walls and cribs clean from the poop painting that has been going on during naps. Oh, and saying “no” a lot. I can only dream of getting through all the laundry and actually using that pound of meat I bought to make something tasty and homemade with.

I love this blog. I love you, the people I get to connect to through this blog. The dilemma is, loving my three little people and my husband and this blog can get crowded.

This isn’t my resignation letter, this is simply my “hello, I’m still here” but I can barely keep up with myself and family, so you may see less of me until I can get up for air. Katrina’s post the other week on how physical the toddler stage is … it’s true. All true. I’m so blessed, yet so tired. Just tired. Do you have (almost) 2 year olds? Have you had them? Well, you know then.

Let me just say – no one can prepare you for this age…not to mention three of them. No one. So for now, instead of writing about our days – I’m just trying to live the day. I’m sure you understand. The independence, curiosity, defiance, memory, preference and opinions are all something we pray for in our children. Now I am praying on how to handle these things from minute to minute (you can guess those characteristics don’t form in parallel with three small people. This can result in other choice words in describing the state of the mother witnessing all of these current developments).

I am just trying to be a mama. And I’m just trying to breathe. I hope you are too. all

One of my favorite verses that seems to pop up with these babes : (I had this verse, along with a seed, taped to my breast pump when they were newborns – now I should tattoo it to my face- ha!)

Let us not become weary in doing good, for the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up - Galatians 6:9

Toddlers sure can make you weary…but the good news is, if we keep on loving them, they will turn out good…just the way they arrived to us.

Love to you.

PS, I am so sad for everyone on the east coast experiencing damage and fear from the hurricane. My sincere prayers and thoughts go out to you if you are living through the nightmare. I have special prayers for mommies and daddies just trying to protect their young – I pray you find special powers and sweet angels to help you. Please comment if you have suggestions on how/where to donate or help other than the RedCross. Thank you!


  1. We had a period of poop decorating during nap with one of ours. We finally resolved that after trial and error (reasoning does not work at all). We now put a onesie snapped on the outside of the pants for that little one during naps and have not had a poop party since. In case you have not resolved your poop painting…I thought this might help.

  2. Hello there! I think the best i can do is about 2-3 times a week. I don’t mind when people take breaks because it’s hard for me to read everyone, but I wouldn’t want to lose my blogging friends forever, and not know what’s going on in their lives.


  3. Hang in there! Caught my attention with the poop painting. Let’s just say, what works for me is putting the girls in their crib with sleepsacks. They haven’t figured those ones out yet. We have fleece ones for cold weather and cotton ones for warm weather.

  4. Once they start walking the hard work really begins. I’m beyond exhausted now that my son is walking. He’s getting into everything! And he’s even taking an interest in the toilet. Oh fun!

    In terms of giving to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts here’s a link I came across Check out their sidebar because they have other charities and donation efforts listed.


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