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First of all … Hi to all my new lovely friends that I am lucky to have thanks to the gals at The for sharing our story this week in the “Parents” section. I feel hugs from all over when I read your words of support and want to call you and be friends with you when I read your emails in response to that “miracle baby that just showed up” … kind of like Baby Jesus, right?

If you are new here, here is a little bit about me. I would love for you to comment so I can know you too!

This is our family as of … hmmm, yesterday around 4 PM. Yep, it was family picture time around here this week. As any mother knows, this is up there with getting ready for a vacation or Christmas morning. I can breathe a little easier this morning now that they are complete. (And thanking God for Photoshop – what you don’t see in this picture is the black eye and huge dent Gracie has under her right eye. Or the chip out of Quinn’s chin because I accidentally didn’t realize he was rolling out of bed from under my arms. Oops.)


Seriously, though, I am humbled and grateful to share our journey (ongoing) of hope and faith and love. We try to learn everyday that all three work together, like people simultaneously rowing a boat over tiny waves in the water … but as you know, the waves aren’t always tiny. The hope becomes small and hides behind monotony. The faith has holes poked in it by the fear that is born in a mother the day you find out you are expecting the arrival of another human being(s). The love becomes weak because you gave all you had to the disciplining, washing, cooking, chasing, crying and keep up-ing of the day.

Thankfully – the boat keeps floating because we are told the greatest of these is love…and sometimes all you have to do to love someone is show up. And some (most) days, that is all I can do for our children … the three out of utero and the one in utero.

Showing up and praying the love shows up with me. Savoring the days where hope is alive with giggles and hugs and scrunched up nose smiles. Clinging to the faith that right now, all is where it should be – even the dust on the coffee table. The idea of just sitting where we are, not trying to move to the next spot in the game of life – even when passing go and collecting your money sounds really good from where we are sitting.

Faith, Hope and Love.

We are 17 weeks along with baby #4 and it couldn’t be more different from our last pregnancy…but in the same breath, it’s all the same.

A little comparison of the “mule” as Scott calls me…carrying the three babes versus one babe.

14 weeks with the crew (notice my face is not in the picture because I still felt like puking every second in-between my burger and fries at this point)

14 weeks with one bambino. So THIS is what the 2nd trimester buzz is all about…


I pray that you, no matter who you are, can be at peace with the love you give by just showing up. If you ever need to feel better about the showing up you are doing, contact me and I will give you a sample of some of our days. You will probably feel really good after that.

Hope.Faith.Love to you and your family & your little row boat – thanks for hanging around & sharing your life with me if you’ve been here awhile. And welcome to my new friends – isn’t the internet a cool little serendipitous place sometimes?



  1. Kristin,
    You are very inspiring and love reading your posts. As a mama-to-be someday in the future (sometime soon I hope) newly married I love reading your wisdom and hearing your stories. I have heard it is the hardest job in the world but the most rewarding and I cant wait to get that exciting yet terrifying news that I to am a mama-to-be but truthfully have a hard time taking care of myself somedays :-) . I am in a mastermind business group with your brother Steve and I thank him for sharing Blog with me! Hope, Faith and Love are truly what keep me going each day and being so blessed by God for the opportunities we are all presented with. Keep sharing your story with us!
    <3 Jamie

    • Hi Jamie! Thanks so much for your sweet comments…you will amaze yourself when you become a mama … you will have superhuman powers & take care of them (& bathe them more & dress them cuter) better than you do for yourself anyway :) So glad to find you – thankful my brother shared. He is just a favorite person of mine :)

  2. You look fabulous! Indeed, showing up is sometimes the best we can do … and when we’re there, just making sure that we’re REALLY there. :) Hard, but definitely worth it. You are one amazing woman!

    • Awe thanks, Justine. I agree – the being there is easy but the being PRESENT is not always ! I think you are one amazing woman back :) So thankful those bathroom trips helped us meet !

  3. April Brown says:

    New reader out here! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I love to hear stories of women who went through infertility and then became pregnant naturally. You are so right, that is shock! I went through infertility as well for nearly 3 years. After two IVF’s and a miscarriage in between, we were so blessed and lucky to welcome our daughter. Next year we embark on another journey (hopefully it doesn’t last as long) down the infertility road. I hope and pray we are lucky after the first procedure. Fingers crossed!
    I am so glad that I ran across your Huffington Post article today! =)

  4. Congratulations Kristin! Glad for an update too – I was just thinking of you earlier today and wondering how the pregnancy was going.

  5. The family photos are great. They are all looking in the same direction! We are not there yet… You look beautiful, glowing and happy. I am so happy for you and your growing family.

  6. So, I was browsing HuffPo Pregnancy and ran across your blog post. I love ‘this is when we found out we were pregnant’ stories. Then, I come to find out that not only are you due a week after me (due May 9, 18w 4d along!) but you also live in Indy (my place of residence)! Needless to say, I will be keeping up with your blog! Congrats on your 4th child!


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