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keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come 

There is a pose in yoga simply called “Tree Pose.” The beauty of this balance pose is that it is never the same from one day to the next. Some days it feels easy, natural and strong. The outcome resembles those girls in Yoplait commercials on a beach: one soul of their foot resting effortlessly on the inner thigh of the opposite, standing leg. Arms outreached like two unwavering branches with palms open accepting the gifts from the sun. The tree is strong in the core – like a mighty oak. When you achieve this pose effortlessly, you are proud of your tree and feel independent, yet wonderfully woven and connected into a loving community of the forest. You aren’t jealous of other trees. You’ve got it going on.

Other days, you visit the pose to find you are a fragile and tender sapling. The core is shaky, giving in to every element of the earth. The branches, your arms, flail desperately to center you. The tree is weak and exposed, like a naked tree after an ice storm. The grounding foot is disconnected from the earth and is doing you no good. You are ashamed of this tree. You are all alone and you have come to believe no on is coming to water you. You pray for rain.

Years ago when being led into Tree Pose by an instructor, she said, “You can be any tree you want to be.” Every, every time I do Tree Pose, I revisit this proposal. Wow. How powerful. How beautiful. How true.

Any. Tree. You. Want. To. Be.

Metaphors are God’s way of helping us to see past blind spots.  I think of what kind of tree I want to be in terms of being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a stranger. Myself when no one is looking.  We all get the chance to wake up and be any tree we want to be. Even better, we get the chance to accept, embrace, water and nourish the living green tree in our heart. 

I am one little tree. I don’t want to be alone in the landscape. So other trees are welcome here, in fact, mandatory. Once a month, I will have a featured “tree.” One of God’s own creations and greatest mysteries – a mama, the mama tree. Showing up and giving you a slice of vulnerability pie. Isn’t that the best way to connect? Bring the coffee, we’ll bring the pie.

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